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ball valve


We are a professional valve manufacturer with more than fifteen years history,26666 square meters facility with quality management system,our product line include ball valve, gate valve,globe valve,check valve,with API and DIN standard.

Ref to the ball valve, with soft seat and metal seat, and primary metal, secondary soft(PMSS), floating and trunnion type, with side entry and top entry, our trunnion mounted ball valve is with single piston sealing type and double piston type sealing, with accurate design and careful attitude toward quality checking,our ball valve can be long time sealing and easy for operation,such as the seat ring spring,we will use good material to prevent elastic fatigue,such as 17-7PH or inconel X-750.

Ref to the gate valve, globe valve,check valve, with accurate design and serious attitude towards QC, we will make it easy operation and ensure the sealing inside and outside.

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